Changing Childhood Cancer Project

Wondering how much of a difference a child can make? Well, if Alex Scott is any indicator, a pretty big one. When Alex was just 4 years old, she decided she wanted to set-up a lemonade stand to help kids like herself who had cancer. She didn’t want to keep the money but instead wanted to donate the funds to help doctors on their way to finding a cure. By the time she was 8, Alex had raised a million dollars for childhood cancer research with the help of volunteers across the country. What’s more is her message had spread to children nationwide who now recognized the power that children could have to help their community. Since Alex’s passing in 2004, over 45 million dollars has been raised to fight childhood cancer.

How can you help continue this mission? By visiting our website at, you can register an event of your choosing. From having a lemonade stand to hosting a yard sale and donating proceeds to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, the possibilities are endless!

Want to get your classmates involved? Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is proud to introduce a new school program called “Change Childhood Cancer.” This program is all about teaching kids that small actions can make a big difference! With permission from your school, you can share with your classmates Alex’s story through the book Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand, and you can help collect coins for the cause. This would be a great mitzvah, as it not only teaches other kids about how they can make change happen, but it also allows you to continue Alex Scott’s mission, to help find a cure for kids with cancer everywhere.

For your Bar or Bat Mitzvah project, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation will help you decide on a project that works for you. Whether you want to host a lemonade stand, bring Change Childhood Cancer into your school or have your own creative idea, we will help you every step of the way. Register your event at, and you will be assigned a stand coach to help you throughout your process. (As always, make sure you get a parent’s permission first!) Thank you for helping us in the fight against childhood cancer!

-Tracy Lynn Weniger, School Programs Manager,

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