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Here’s how Zac Emanuel’s Mitzvah Project evolved in his mother’s words (Stacy Emanuel).

“Zac really wanted to have something to do with sports for his Mitzvah project. Last summer I was trolling the web for ideas when I came across your website.
I saw info on PeacePlayers and the baseball collection drive and showed them to Zac when he came home from summer camp. He checked out the information and really liked what PeacePlayers stood for. He loved the idea of running a 3-on-3 basketball tournament with his friends. He wanted to make sure that his project was going to be fun for him to do.
I spoke to Brian Cognato at PeacePlayers and loved how they were more interested in getting their name out there and weren’t so pushy about how much money Zac was going to raise. Brian suggested keeping the dollar amount reasonable (he thought $2000 was amazing) and that the tournament should be limited to 24 players to keep it manageable.
Overall, Zac raised $9214 and hopefully a lot of new friends for PPI. He wrote thank you notes and emails to every donor and volunteer.”

To help your cause, send out a press release to local papers. This is an article written in a local paper about Zac’s project.

To update friends, family and donors about your progress, create your own website. Here’s a link to Zac’s website.

The Mitzvah Bowl staff hopes to hear about your son/daughter’s mitzvah project. Contact with their story!

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