Do you believe in living colorfully?

The Colored Pencil Project

Children and their world in color, a global project

How do you express yourself? Do you tweet, post, or blog? Maybe you love to sing, write, or draw?

At The Colored Pencil Project, we believe in coloring.

For children in developing countries, self expression is a priceless tool that few have access to in even the simplest forms. The Colored Pencil Project believes that self expression is an integral part of childhood development, and that every child deserves the opportunity to find their voice. We believe that art is the foundation of self expression, and our mission is to increase the access of art supplies to children in developing countries by distributing art supplies to children and facilitating workshops. The art workshops help the children explore and define what it is that makes them uniquely them, what in their world influences who they are, and what about them influences their world. Hannah Richards, the founder of The Colored Pencil Project, has traveled around the world to places like South Africa, India, and Columbia, delivering colored pencils and leading workshops. The workshops are conducted a way to provide children with not only supplies, but also the confidence to express themselves in color. You can see pictures of the children and their artwork at

If you believe in living colorfully too, you can be a part of The Colored Pencil Project’s mission! We are always looking for energetic, excited people to get involved in our organization, and there are so many ways to participate. Hosting a colored pencil drive at your school, workplace, or synagogue is a great way to get your friends and family involved in The Colored Pencil Project’s global endeavor. For a kit on how to start a drive, please email

The Colored Pencil Project accepts colored pencil donations year-round, but we are especially pleased to announce that in the winter of 2011, Hannah will be traveling to Svay Rieng, Cambodia to work with 2,000 children at local hospitals and orphanages. That is a lot of colored pencils … and we couldn’t be happier! If you’re interested in hosting a drive or finding a way to get involved with The Colored Pencil Project, we would love to hear from you. Sign up to get involved and learn more at


Beth Rice

Volunteer Coordinator

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