Hats for Homes

Julie wearing one of her hats pictured with her dog, Lucky

Julie Baldassano, a sophomore at Upper Dublin, has always had a passion for volunteering to save animals. A dedicated vegetarian and animal rights activist for many years, she recently realized how she could make a real difference. Julie created the Hats for Homes fundraiser to give abandoned Golden Retrievers a loving home this holiday season! Ever since, she has been hard at work hand knitting comfortable, colorful hats (with pom-poms!) for everyone willing to donate 10 dollars or more to the cause. All of the profits raised will benefit the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue.

Hats for Homes has already been a huge success! In just the first week of sales, Hats for Homes has raised over $1,000! Also, Julie is planning a community outreach through this fundraiser. She is organizing a trip to Dresher Estates Nursing Home, where she and some members of the Student Government Association will keep the residents of the nursing home company while teaching them how to contribute to saving Goldens by knitting! Therefore, the positive impact of this project grows yet wider. Benefiting the elderly by brightening their lives, all those who purchase hats by giving them recognition on https://hatsforhomes.org/, and, most of all, Golden Retrievers by saving their lives, Hats for Homes is making the world a better place.

Please visit https://hatsforhomes.org/ to learn more and to let Julie Baldassano know if you are interested in helping her efforts! There are countless ways to contribute to this project. Thank you so much for believing in the spirit of giving to such a worthy cause. The dogs don’t have a voice of their own, so you need to be the one to speak up for them!

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