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packing supplies

IDF packing supplies

On December 20th we had a Bar Mitzvah group in addition to our regular volunteers who came to Hanasi Synogogue in Jerusalem to help us pack 500 winter Chanukah packages.

The Bar Mitzvah boy, who wanted to do something to show his appreciation for and support of the IDF soldiers, got his community involved and started a collection of deodorants, powders, toothpastes, toothbrushes and candies to bring on his trip to Israel so we could add it to the packages.

We started packing at 9am and by 12pm the last group of soldiers arrived to collect their packages to take back to the base to deliver to the lone soldiers in their unit in honor of Chanukah.

The soldiers who are serving in the cold areas of Israel were delighted with the fleece jackets and hand knitted ski hats, besides all the other winter clothing and toiletries in the packages.

They love the items they get that are so useful, but they especially love knowing that people around the world appreciate the sacrifices they are making and donate the money and items for these packages.

You can go to our web site to see more information about what goes into the packages and how you can get involved and help show your love and support to the IDF soldiers.

Contact: Shira Gilor

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