A Package from Home

A Package from Home
Hayitzhar 49, Hashmonaim 7312700 Israel

Contact:  Barbara Bloom Silverman, Founder 02-6232548; Shira Gilor, Project Manager 050-8108555 / 08-9761323, Email: apfh@gilor.com

Packages are sent to Israeli soldiers to strengthen their spirits, show our appreciation and support, and provide items they need.  We send tens of thousands of packages to Combat Chayalim Bodedim (soldiers without family in Israel) and severely wounded soldiers who are receiving long term hospital care.

The basic packages – sent in the summer – are filled with a bath towel, socks, t-shirt, boxer shorts, wet wipes, special band aids for blisters, deodorant, travel size tooth paste and a tooth brush, assorted candy, chocolates, and snacks, and toiletries like shampoo, hand cream, lip balm etc.

Our winter packages include all of the above plus winter clothing: a fleece jacket, fleece blanket, ski hat, gloves, neck warmer, and a 2 piece long underwear set. Each package contains 4 letters of appreciation, Hebrew, English, Russian, Amharic, from children and adults from all over the world for their part in securing our country’s safety.

As a mitzvah project or community service project, write letters to the soldiers, collect items to send with people going to Israel, collect donations and adopt a unit, or knit or crochet winter hats for the soldiers. Visit our website to learn about more about these and other mitzvah opportunities.