Birthday Angels

Birthday Angels
Hashaldag 9 Kadima Israel 60920

Contact: Ruthie Sobel Luttenberg, Director 972+9+8919942

Birthday Angels gives every needy Israeli child the esteem building experience of a birthday party with her or his friends.

Writing a check for Birthday Angels is MORE than just a donation. It offers you a unique venue to show your concern for the welfare of children in Israel. It’s an opportunity for you in the Diaspora to make a personal connection with an Israeli child. To help build his self-esteem, by making him feel loved and special. By showing him that people care.

In other words, it’s a way for you to demonstrate your commitment to the highest Jewish values of Tzedakah, Mitzvah and Tikkun Olam.

Turn the things you love into a mitzvah project: if you love to bake, make a bake sale; if you love to skate, have a skating party; if you love to run, make a marathon; if you love crafts, make something special and sell it; if you babysit, give your earnings to Birthday Angels. Everyone is good at something. Open this link to see the fabulous things other Birthday Angels did for their community service projects and get inspired:

Teens can buy kits to do parties in the US. They can do on hands volunteer work beyond their fundraising efforts for Birthday Angels.