Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation

Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation
800 Yamato Road, Suite 101, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Contact: or by calling 800.9MARROW

Gift of Life facilitates bone marrow, blood stem cell, and cord blood transplants for children and adults suffering from life-threatening illnesses. Since tissue type is inherited, a patient’s best chance of finding a genetic match lies with donors of similar ethnicity. Gift of Life strives to increase the representation of Jewish donors in the registry in order to overcome the devastating effects of the Holocaust, which severed bloodlines and made the donor search particularly difficult for Jewish patients needing transplants.

Volunteer opportunities:
1. Hold a fundraising event benefiting Gift of Life. (Be creative with your mitzvah project and see the Mitzvah Bowl website’s “more ideas page”).
2. Work with parents and adults in the community to coordinate a recruitment drive for potential bone marrow donors.  This is a wonderful community service project!
3. Collect items (or raise funds to purchase items) to comfort donors, such as blankets, DVDs, portable DVD players, books on tape, etc.