Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind

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732 Settlers Circle, Warrington, PA 18976
Contact: Michael Leventhal, Executive Director 267 927-0205

Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind provides guide dogs to visually impaired Israelis. They breed, raise and train the dogs in Israel so that they are familiar with the environment and so they respond to Hebrew commands. The dogs enable the blind and visually impaired Israeli’s to achieve independence, mobility, and self esteem. Sponsor a puppy and learn about the vital relationship between a guide dog and a blind Israeli.

Mitzvah project ideas include raising funds for dog sponsorships by dog walking/pet sitting, pet washing, make and sell dog treats, and much more. Volunteers can make presentations to classes to help raise awareness of the needs of the blind in Israel.

As a Puppy Sponsor you will learn about the everyday obstacles that make life difficult for visually impaired Israelis, and how you can help them gain independence, mobility and freedom through the use of a guide dog. Click here to learn more about the process. You will also learn about the vital relationship between a Guide Dog and a blind Israeli. Everything from companionship to the new-found active and independent lifestyle made possible through the pairing. Then, at the end of your Bar or Bat Mitzvah studies, you will have an opportunity to share your project experiences with the congregation, explaining how you have grown through this process and what you have learned about assisting the Jewish community. It’s quite a rewarding and emotional project for all involved, as well as a wonderful way for you to feel a part of the Jewish community both at home and in the State of Israel.

We would like to send you a comprehensive package of materials to help you to get started. The package includes:

Brochures and other general information
Mitzvah Project Ideas
A DVD – In 13 minutes you will get a great overview of our program
Profiles of some of our Graduates
A Tzedakah Lesson Plan
Information about Blindness – Suggestions from Guide Dog Owners, Information About the Eye, Myths about Vision Loss, Causes of Vision Loss & Eye Safety Tips.

After you have received the package, we would like to assist you to make your Mitzvah or Tzedakah Project more rewarding.

Please e-mail us at for additional information.