Keren Or

Keren Or
350 7th Ave., Suite 701 New York, New York 10001 (Center is located in Jerusalem)

Contact: Elizabeth David Dembrowsky, 212 279-4070

Keren Or (Hebrew for ray of light) is the only center of its kind in the world under Jewish auspices devoted exclusively to the care and rehabilitation of children with visual impairment who are also physically and/or mentally disabled.
Keren Or’s state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated staff, and individualized therapy programs allow each of their students to reach his or her maximum potential.

There are several ways to make a difference in the lives of blind children with multiple disabilities.

Incorporating Keren Or in a Mitzvah celebration is a wonderful way to spread awareness about the challenges faced by visually impaired disabled people and/or raise much needed funds to support Keren Or’s vital programs. You can include an insert about Keren Or’s programs in your Mitzvah invitation, speak about Keren Or in your Mitzvah presentation, set up a personal fundraising website, or organize a swim-a-thon, bake sale, or other self directed fundraiser to benefit Keren Or.

Creating Keren Or’s “Project Tactile Thank-You Cards” is another fun way to raise awareness and funds. The cards can be decorated with ribbons, yarn, rhinestones, or other materials that can be seen as well as felt, so they can be enjoyed by both sighted and visually impaired recipients. If cards are created in a group setting, after the cards are completed participants may want to close their eyes and explore each others designs using their sense of touch. The finished cards can then be sold to family and friends to benefit Keren Or or returned to Keren Or to be sold.

Another Mitzvah or service project involves sharing one of Keren Or’s pre-planned activities with children or teens. Our staff has designed a number of interactive games, such as blind food tasting, that enable participants to experience the world as blind and disabled children might. Giving young people the opportunity to experience every day activities from the point of view of a disabled person helps participants understand that disabled people are not that different but that they do face significant challenges.

We also have a program for Bar/Bat Mitvah children where children can learn about the blind/disabled, they can contribute a part of their monetary gifts and tzeduka for the children of Keren Or. Keren Or will then give them a certificate.

Our office staff is also available to help tailor a project to your interests or to make a presentation in your community about Keren Or.

For more information or to receive our Bar/Bat Mitzvah kit with information about our work, resources about the challenges facing children with disabilities, and ideas for mitzvah projects, contact Elizabeth David-Dembrowsky at or 212-279-4070.