Save a Child’s Heart Foundation (SACH)

Save a Child’s Heart Foundation (SACH)
10050 Chapel Road Potomac, MD 20854

Contact: Larry Maltin, Regional Director Mid-Atlantic, 215.542.8371
David Litwack Executive Director 301 618 4588

Providing Lifesaving Cardiac Surgery for the World’s Poorest Children” Save A Child’s Heart (SACH) is a non-profit, international humanitarian project based in Israel. Its mission is to improve the quality of cardiac care for children from developing countries, regardless of nationality, religion, race, gender, or financial status.

Mitzvah project and community service volunteer opportunities:

*Wall of hearts – Our signature Wall of Hearts in the SACH children’s home is simple to replicate with color paper, markers, and a pair of scissors. For a contribution, people can buy and decorate a heart and publicly show their love for their friends and loved ones, all while helping save a life. The Wall of Hearts can be displayed in any open and public area where passersby will take notice and will want to get involved in.

  • Homemade New Year, Chanukah, or Valentine’s Day cards – Set up a table with craft supplies. For a contribution to SACH, people can create homemade cards for their loved ones.
  • Flowers – Give people the opportunity to buy flowers (paper or real) with a meaningful tag such as “This flower helped save a life”.
  • Baked Goods Sale
  • Game night – Host a board game evening and charge for entry.
  • Karaoke night – Set up a karaoke machine and let people sing their favorite love songs. You could charge an entry fee or even ask for a donation per song. *Sports Activities–Use athletic activities such as basketball, ping pong, bowling, volleyball, etc to organize a sports tournament or contest with entry and sponsorship fees.
  • Volunteering at the SACH Children’s Home in Israel.