Second Chance Toys

Second Chance Toys

Contact: Bronna Lipton, Executive Director 908 789-2993,

The goal for Second Chance Toys is to create a groundswell of interest around the mission (to rescue and recycle plastic toys for needy children) throughout communities in the United States.

By providing the necessary tools, step-by-step instructions and facilitating essential connections with local organizations, sources of funding and media exposure, Second Chance Toys hopes to empower others to create their own local programs, the first of which, Second Chance Toys of PA and Second Chance Toys of NYC are already underway as well as many other school and community-based programs.  In doing so, the Second Chance Toys mission will be able to reach out to many needy children all over the United States and help our environment that much more.

Our toy collections are twice per year; in April for Earth week and then in November/December in time for the holiday season.

We are looking for students, schools, clubs, libraries and organizations of any kind to collect gently used plastic toys from families in your community and prepare them for donation to local organizations that serve needy children. This mitzvah project accomplishes two goals: doing something good and green.

The registration for our upcoming holiday collection begins on November 1st and volunteers can sign up by visiting our website.   With collections of 50 toys or more, we will match you with a recipient organization, serving kids in need within your community, so you are able to deliver their collected toys by December 20th. If you have less than 50 toys, check out our website to find the closest drop-off location to you.

Toy Guidelines; plastic, clean, no missing or small parts**, batteries function
**parts that can fit through a toilet paper roll are too small.

We offer support, tools and resources to help make your community service program a success.