The Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank

The Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank
1 Yale Drive, Richboro, PA 18954

Contact: Pat Kennedy President/Founder 215-919-8500,

What would you do if you had to choose between food for your family and diapers for your baby? This is a choice that some families face daily. Diapers are a basic necessity, but you can’t use food stamps (SNAP) to buy them. If you are homeless, don’t have a washing machine (Laundromats do not allow you to wash diapers in their machines), or send your child to a federally subsidized day care, you need disposable diapers. So what do families do? They use towels, or try to clean a disposable diaper and reuse it, or leave their baby in the same diaper all day long.

Through community organized diaper drives and donations, the Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank collects diapers and distributes them to homeless shelters, food banks, faith based organizations and social service agencies. Our diapers help keep babies clean, dry and healthy. They allow families to send their children to daycare so they can work or go to school. If families use our diapers, they have more money to spend on other basic necessities like food, clothing or a place to live.
How can you help? You can hold a Diaper Drive! There is no right or wrong way to hold a drive; it can be a single event or last a week- or longer. We have information and posters on our website, or you could get creative and make your own! Afterwards, we’d be happy to pick-up. You could, also, help us spread the word and make a video or info-graphic for us. Worried about the environment? We are too; we collect diaper packaging and send it to Terracycle for recycling. And, we could always use help sorting and rewrapping opened packages that are donated. There are lots of ways you could choose to help!