10 Summertime Souper Good Deeds

Has summer boredom kicked in?  Looking to help others while you have more time on your hands. Organizations find their volunteer base diminishes in the summer.  Help them fill the gap with these ideas:
1.  Volunteer at your local library.
2.  Care for animals at a horse farm or zoo.
3.  Weed and water plants at an urban or community garden.
4.  Tutor other children. Call an elementary school and offer your services to teach kids to read or practice math facts.
5.  Sell lemonade and donate money to a cause. Check out unique recipes for lemonade on Pinterest.
6. Cook for the elderly or lend a hand at a soup kitchen.
7.  Organize a sports tournament or community picnic to raise awareness for a cause such as bullying or texting while driving.
8.  Collect donated items to distribute to those in need. (i.e. prom dresses, coats, pajamas, etc.)
9.  Create string or macrame bracelets to sell and donate the proceeds to a cause of your choice.
10.  Visit the elderly.  Check on an elderly neighbor or grandparent especially on hot summer days when they cannot get out.
Have more ideas? Send them to themitzvahbowl@comcast.net