Staying Heart-Healthy and Saving Lives

Following Up on Paige’s Mitzvah Project..

Paige Florin, eighth grader at Sandy Run Middle School, completed her mitzvah project on Sunday September 23rd, with the Upper Dublin Free Heart Screening.  Paige has been fundraising for this event for almost a year, as each screening costs more than $10,000 . Although the Sudmans, the founders of Simon’s Fund, had told Paige that it was not as important to raise the money as to get the kids to come out for the screenings, Paige felt an obligation to try to raise money, so that the screenings can continue.  It started with a Valentine’s Day fundraiser at Sandy Run, in combination with a  nickles for non-profits program through Wholefoods markets, fundraising event at B”tween Friendz and ended with very generous contributions from the people from the Upper Dublin and surrounding communities who attended the heart screening.  Over 300 students were screened, and as we were told, 1 out of every 100 screenings usually picks up one serious cardiac condition , At this screening there was one child diagnosed with a serious heart condition, and three more with potential conditions. “this was such a great project”, Paige said, “what better mitzvah than saving lives”  If you are interested in getting your kids screened please see for future screening dates and locations.


Simon's Fund Mitzvah Project

Paige Florin, a student at Sandy Run Middle School in Upper Dublin, is doing a mitzvah project that involves saving lives.  She has chosen to work with Simon’s Fund to set up a free heart screening for Upper Dublin community students ages 10-19 on September 23 at Upper Dublin High School.  Pre-registration for this screening is required and will begin on August 15 online at

These heart screenings are done in memory of Simon Sudman, a 4 month old baby, who died suddenly from Long QT syndrome.  Long QT Syndrome is a disorder that many people may be unfamiliar with, but it is a very serious heart condition where the first symptom may unfortunately show up too late.  Although sometimes there is no evidence of symptoms; dizziness, shortness of breath or fainting, often exhibited during physical activity, may be cause for concern.  The good news is that a quick non–invasive electrocardiogram (ECG) can detect the problem. If Long QT syndrome is found, it is treatable. These tests currently are not given in any routine physical, but yet are so important in potential detection of Long QT as well as other serious heart conditions.  Simon’s Fund is a foundation that sets up free heart screenings in schools utilizing CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) physicians, to ensure that kids are heart-healthy.   Each screening will take about 30 minutes.

This was made possible through the help of a donation through Whole Foods Market, as well as a donation generated through Paige’s Valentine’s Day fundraising efforts at Sandy Run Middle School.  Although these school screenings are done at no cost the students, each school screening costs approximately $2500.  If you are interested in helping to support more screenings at schools please go to

Most importantly, please Remember to pre-register starting August 15th at for the free heart screening on September 23.  Paige will be getting her heart screened on that day as well.