The Warm Winter Campaign


The Warm Winter Campaign from Yashar LaChayal

The Warm Winter Campaign is an annual project of Yashar LaChayal, a non-profit organization based in Israel that works to provide combat soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces with goods they need that the army budget simply does not cover.  Among those goods is essential winterwear.

Israel’s hot summers are misleading, making it difficult to imagine just how cold the winter can be.  Soldiers are serving on the Golan Heights and in high elevation areas face freezing and near freezing temperatures, winds and rain.  Soldiers in the south face freezing nights, despite the relatively pleasant, but short, winter days.  Guard duty, patrols and exercises are carried out around the clock, and proper outerwear is a necessity.  Barracks and tents may not have proper heating, and so even “indoors,” there is no relief from the cold.

Soldiers are issued standard jackets, and some soldiers are able some outerwear from home.  However, there are regulations about the outerwear that is permitted, and not everyone has the financial means to purchase the necessary items, nor are they all readily available.  In order to cope with extended periods of time outdoors in the dropping temperatures, the wind and the rain, soldiers need heavy fleece jackets, thermal undergarments, wool hats, neck warmers, warm socks and special army gloves.

Yashar LaChayal begins to plan for the winter in August, assessing where the most critical need will be when winter arrives.  Since 2006, we have distributed tens of thousands of these items – the winter wear that is not standard issue by the army but is a necessity nonetheless.

Individuals can partner with Yashar LaChayal and raise money for the Warm Winter Campaign!  Please email us at for additional information.  We recommend that you visit our website to see a complete listing of our projects and campaigns.

Lisa Weinsoff
Project Coordinator
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