The Tuna Brigade Rides Again!

Looking do to do a mitzvah Christmas Day?  Consider being a JRAid Tuna Brigade Leader.  Create signs and emails to let your synagogue, school, club, or organization know that you will be collecting kosher cans of tuna.  Materials can then be distributed before or after the New Year.  As an alternative, consider making December 25th you collection day.  People can leave bags of tuna for you to pick up at their homes or they can drop them off at your location.

JRA will be closed on Christmas Day, but you can drop off your collection at the JRA warehouse on any of its food distribution days.

Collected tuna will directly benefit JRA’s recipient families. As an brigade leader, you will need to make sure that all the tuna collected are kosher, not in bulk size, and are not expired.

To become a JRAid Tuna Brigade Leader, visit

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Contact:  Melissa Samen, JRAid Program Director,, 610-660-0190, x104