Room For One More….

Imagine the feeling of going to class on a Monday morning and seeing the majority of your classmates cohesively wearing a bar mitzvah sweatshirt highlighting the weekend’s festivities and YOU are dressed in your normal garb?  Makes you feel down and out knowing you were one of the very few excluded from the major celebration the past Saturday night.

 The Mitzvah Bowl highly encourages families to consider INCLUSION when it comes time to planning the big simcha.  Too many children, both in the unpopular crowds as well as special needs kids, experience a burst to their self esteem and self-worth when they are explicitly excluded from social events, such as a bar or bat mitzvah.

Outliers are neglected individuals who are typically overlooked when it comes time to being included in the invitee list.

Want to perform a simple meaningful mitzvah? Practice inclusion! By adding just a couple or a few more names to your party list, you can prevent a social disaster for an child who is typically overlooked.

by Valerie and Cheryl,