Two Teens Making a Difference for Pediatric Cancer


A Dollar Campaign is a charity that was created by two teens, Arielle Joselson and Seri Roth with the mission to find a cure to pediatric cancer.


We have a vision of every person donating just one dollar and then together, as a nation, we would be able to find a cure. Meeting as freshman in high school, we instantly became great friends and realized that we share a common goal, to seek the cure to children’s cancer. We then brainstormed ideas as to how we were going to go about making our dream a reality.


The concept of “one dollar” inspired us and made us think that if every person in our nation, donated just one dollar, imagine how much money we would raise for pediatric research. So, we came up with A Dollar Campaign.

Our next step in our charity was getting our name out there, so we created a website. With the help of our teachers, and parents, we were able to create a website of our own that is child oriented. We wanted to have our charity be centered around kids, because since we are kids ourselves, we thought that it would be so amazing if we could inspire other children and teenagers to make a difference.

We have had our charity for a year and a half and we could not feel happier to know that we are making a difference in children’s lives. We have many volunteer opportunities for children and adults of any age and we have numerous events throughout the course of the year.


If anyone is interested in helping or volunteering for us please email us at:

We will not stop until a cure has been found.


Submitted to The Mitzvah Bowl by Arielle & Seri