Teens and Tech Teach Too!

I volunteered several hours a week this spring and over the summer helping the elderly learn to use I-pads, computers and digital cameras. Teen volunteers in St. Louis get free training from volunTEENnation.org and help senior citizens  learn how to surf the internet, use smartphones, digital cameras and utilize social media and skype with their grandchildren.

One of the first hurdles was getting the senior citizens to the point where they can
learn technology comfortably with overcoming the fear of breaking the equipment.  I had to speak slowly and clearly and go over the material every few minutes. All the participants were eager to learn, but I did have to go slow and be patient with them.

Submitted by:  Bebe Rozen, Bat Mitzvah on May 24, 2013 at Agudas Achim, Belleville, IL
themitzvahbowl teens and techvia VolunTEENnation.org