Teens & The High Holidays

With the High Holidays just weeks away, and the start of school upon us, it’s the perfect period for our teens to make the most of their free time. For this sweet New Year, show them how to lend a hand, (tikkun olam) and help repair the world through volunteerism. What can our teens do to perform mitzvot in the next several weeks?

Here are 5 ideas:

1. Assemble packages with High Holiday greeting cards, distribute holiday foods (apples & honey) and create handmade picture frames to deliver to seniors at local centers throughout your area.

2. Sponsor a family in need via your local Jewish Family Services chapter. Raise funds through a baked goods sale (Jewish Apple Cake should be a big seller around this time!) or conduct a synagogue-wide car wash during Labor Day weekend.

3. Take advice from this article about how teens can atone for their sins on Yom Kippur. Reflection on a teen’s addition to technology (Instagram or Facebook would be the main culprit here) or poor procrastination habits can be changes by a teen’s self-introspection.

4. During the days of Elul, take time out to answer these questions as NFTY has outlined for Jewish Teens in North America.

5. Enroll in Shofar lessons to join a growing trend of younger and more senior shofar blowers. Teens may volunteer to blow the shofar at children’s services or practice a lot to see if they may take on the congregation at large!