Katie is all heart!

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I went to a heart screening last September at Upper Dublin High School sponsored by Simon’s fund.  At the screening, they found that I had a heart condition, Wolff Parkinson White syndrome, and had a successful cardiac ablation this past summer.  I am truly blessed that I have no limitations with activities and sports, and just have to visit the cardiologist every 3 months for a while!

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the #1 killer of student athletes.   This past Sunday my family & I had the privelege of meeting Darren and Phyllis Sudman, founders of Simons fund, who’s 3 month old son died of Long QTsyndrome when they put him down for a nap.  We also spent time with other children who have benefitted from the heart screenings that Simon’s fund provides.  Some of those kids have undergone open heart surgery, are on cardiac medications, and some are no longer able to participate in sports that they loved.  It was truly inspirational…great kids and families!

Simons fund is sponsoring their first 5k run on October 27th…”Simon says Run”.  We would love you to join us in Plymouth Meeting, PA for this run on our team (Asper family). This qualifies as a bar or bat mitzvah project, as well as a positive community service project for all teens!

To run or support Simon’s Fund:  https://www.simonsfund.org   Thank you so much in advance!

Submitted to Themitzvahbowl.com by Katie and Karen Asper