Collecting, Researching and Visiting. The Perfect Mitzvah!

Two years ago, I started a Non-profit organization called eSmiles. It is devoted to collecting handheld electronics for children that are receiving treatment for long term illnesses. I collect the items, clean them up and deliver them to children so they can be entertained for a little bit of time while they are getting helped.  I am continuing this mission because I feel very fortunate to have all the wonderful electronics and so many other things in my life that keep me entertained and smiling. As I use these items to do my homework, keep up with friends and family and keep me informed about the world around me.

rebecca dolfman

I have made a lot of contacts this year and have determined the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia will be the recipient of all of the donations that I have collected. They are very grateful to be receiving all of these electronics. They will be giving them to the children who have arrived in Philadelphia with their ill family members who are receiving treatment in the Philadelphia area. I feel really good about this decision and hope you will join me by bringing an item. Thank you so much!

On October 30, 2013, I dropped off all of our items to the Ronald McDonald house. I was given a tour by a man named Drew and he was very nice to show us around. Many times a family might stay in the house for a long time while their children are being taken care of at St. Christopher’s Hospital. The electronics we collected will help them get through the time in the house. It can be really hard on the siblings of the kids receiving treatment. I hope these donations gave them a little bit of joy. If you live 25 miles or more away from St. Christopher’s and your child needs treatment the Ronald McDonald House is a nice place to be.
In addition, we also received cell phones as part of the donations. I found out Laurel House, a special place that helps victims of Domestic Violence could use them.
Rebecca Dolfman was a Bat Mitzvah at
Congregation Beth Or, Maple Glen, Pa,
Oct. 12, 2013.