Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers
2950 Memphis St, Philadelphia, PA 19134

Contact: Linda Samost, director, 215-223-2220  ext.100

Sunday Suppers’ (SS) mission is to strengthen the health and well-being of families through the transformative power of family meals.  SS is an inventive program that addresses and then reaches beyond food access by reintroducing the family meal which, with related support, has been shown to strengthen families in deep and lasting ways.  Coaching is provided so that once families gain access to healthy food they can prepare delicious and nutritious meals to share around their dinner table.   SS helps families make enduring lifestyle changes including increasing access and utilization of healthy foods, eating together more often, learning healthier ways to cook and enhancing family communication.

Every week families gather at Memphis Street Academy to share family style meals on tables with tablecloths and fresh flowers, china and silverware.  Participants turn off their cell phones and are encouraged to try all of the food. At the end of the meal, each family leaves with all the items and recipes needed to create another family meal, thereby reinforcing the model and providing the means for families to replicate it in their own at home.  Other parts of the program include:
•        weekly programming around relevant topics (e.g., food preparation, nutrition, exercise)
•        cooking skill development
•        increased access to healthy food and food assistance
•        provision of (donated) kitchen supplies
•        community gardening

As a volunteer or for your mitzvah project, you will be able to help on the following days/times:

Wednesdays 2:00pm – 5:30pm
During your time you will be prepping all the food needed for the Sunday Supper meal on Thursday. Washing produce, slicing and dicing, mixing… everything we need based on the menu for the next day. No experience necessary! We provide credit for high school community service hours.  College students welcome.

Thursdays 2:30pm-7pm
You will set dining room tables, help in the kitchen with getting the food out, help with last-minute food preparation, serve dinner to families, bus tables, wash dishes, and help with children’s activities. Then at the end of the evening we clean the dining area and kitchen. High school students can get credit towards community service hours.  College students welcome.