Helping Jewish Troops

My name is Lance Steiner.  I live in Yardley and am 12.  

My Bar-Mitzvah Mitzvah Project is Hand-to-Hero where I send care packages to American Jewish Military Personnel who are deployed overseas. There’s an Army Mom who maintains a very current list of those who are in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and on ships.  There are a few Rabbis who are serving as well right alongside everyone else.

Lance and Lt. Gen. TryonShe also provided us with the main point-of-contact for care packages to Lanstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany where those injured in combat first go to from Iraq and Afghanistan.  This is also the same person who directs care packages to our men and women fighting the War on Terror in Africa. There are special security challenges in Africa so the troops there don’t get much, but these will arrive as a special Mitzvah.

One of the most appreciated items is handmade cards from kids.  One of the most popular items is iTunes cards, but some ideas can be found at and other online sources. 

The Jewish War Veterans Fegelson-Young-Feinberg Post 697 of Bucks County, PA have enormously generously provided shipping charges and other funding for purchases so cards and items would be great.  

Submitted for by Lance Steiner, who will celebrate his bar mitzvah on May 17, 2014.
Contact if you have any questions or would like to donate items.