Victor Center for the Prevention of Jewish Genetic Diseases at Einstein Medical Center
Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia 5501 Old York Road Levy 2 West Philadelphia, PA 1914
Contact:  Dr. Adele Schneider, MD GACMG Medical Director Victor Center;  Director, Clinical Genetics Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, 877.401.1093,
The Victor Center offers accessible genetic counseling and screenings. On a national level, we work in partnership with healthcare professionals, clergy and the community to create awareness  and organize screenings for the 19 preventable diseases for which 1 in 4 Ashkenazi Jews is a carrier. Our mission is to help ensure the birth of healthy children. The national office of the Victor Center is located in Philadelphia with regional Victor Centers in Boston, Miami, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and a screening program in Atlanta.

The Victor Center was created in partnership with Einstein Healthcare Network and Lois Victor who lost two daughters to a Jewish Genetic Disease (JGD). Mrs. Victor has made it her life’s work to help ensure that no other parent would have to endure this kind of heartache. In the same way that Tay-Sachs has all but been eradicated in the Jewish community due to a public education campaign and screening that began in the 1970s, we have it within our power to ensure that the other 18 diseases are as well.

For your bar/bat mitzvah project, you can help raise awareness and educate your community about Jewish genetic disease testing.  Volunteer at a screening day in your area to support Jewish genetic disease testing.