Challahs by Nicole

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Nicole helping Lone Soldiers Center

I am 11 years old and I attend Perleman Jewish Day School. I am planning to go to Jack M. Barack Hebrew Academy next fall for middle school. During the summer I go to camp Blue Ridge where I have met great new friends and have learned to become more independent. I have a nine year old brother Danny who I am very close to – at least sometimes. I like to play tennis and softball, and love to dance and ski. I also love to cook with my mom. I fell in love with Israel on a trip with my family last year. That is where I learned about the Lone Soldiers and decided I wanted to be able to help them.

The Lone Soldiers are men and women who come from all around the world to fight for the Israeli Army. During short breaks from the Israeli Army, many Lone Soldiers cannot return home to family, friends and since they are not from Israel, they often have few of the basic comforts of home. The Lone Soldiers Center aims to gives each solider a home, community and assistance to better the lives of its Lone Soldiers.

The Lone Soldier Center was founded in 2009 by a group of former Lone Soldiers who were aware and concerned with the needs and struggles of the more than 5,700 lone soldiers serving in the IDF. The Lone Soldier Center is the first and only organization solely dedicated to meeting all of the physical and social needs of Lone Soldiers.

I learned about the Lone Soldier’s during my visit to Israel in 2012. My family went to a shabbat dinner and met some lone soldiers and heard thier story. I became very interested in thier cause and wanted to donate. Their story really inspired me.

Nicole, her brother and friends baking challahs

Nicole, her brother and friends baking challahs

For my Bat Mitzvah project, I’m am selling fresh baked challahs and donating the money to the Lone Soldier Center.  I think my mom is a great cook and she has a really good challah recipe. We love to bake together and so I decided to sell challahs for my mitzvah project. Baking challahs is very enjoyable and relaxing for me, and it makes it even more rewarding to know that all the money being raised is going to a great cause.

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Submitted by Nicole Zappin
Bat Mitzvah date is September 12, 2015.