Mitzvah Projects that Touched my Daughter’s Heart

Lily Greyhound

Mitzvah Projects that Touched my Daughter’s Heart

My daughter, Lily Warkow began her Jewish education at Temple Sinai’s Ann Newman Preschool and continued with Temple Sinai’s religious school.  She has also traveled to Israel with 20 of her extended family members.lily family

Lily loves to be active and has loads of energy!  Her passions include competition cheerleading, travel soccer and dance.

For her upcoming Bat Mitzvah, she chose two Mitzvah projects that would touch her personally and where she could make a direct impact.

Lily has always loved dogs and she found a mitzvah project where she could help dogs who may be forgotten.   Lily volunteered at the National Greyhound Adoption Program, a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for and finding homes for ex-racing greyhounds.  She loved walking the dogs and was able to provide some tender loving care to dogs that badly needed some love.

lily jra

Lily also chose to volunteer, along with friends and family, in the Jewish Relief Agency (JRA) packing and delivering food to needy residents.  She loved the feeling when she saw someone open the door to receive the package of food.
Lily hopes to continue to volunteer at both places since she loves to make an impact on the world around her.

Submitted by Cindy Warkow
Lily Warkow’s Bat Mitzvah date is May 3, 2014