Should a Mitzvah Project End?

After reading an article in the Jewish Journal about a young woman who is continuing her mitzvah project 15 years later, it dawned on me, if we are in the business of helping kids find mitzvah projects, we should also talk about a mitzvah project’s timeline. When does it start and when does it end?

Thousands of bar and bat mitzvah students have used as a search tool to help them find meaningful mitzvah projects. Many begin their projects up to a year or more in advance, while others start their project in the months leading up to their bar or bat mitzvah ceremony. Last March, we even published a blog ( all about timelines.

But we never discussed what happens after the bar or bat mitzvah service. How many students chose a community service project they were so passionate about that they continued it indefinitely? If it was an event fundraiser, did the student repeat the fundraiser the following year(s)?

Perhaps schedules get in the way or students go into this thinking it’s a one-shot deal. Hopefully, your synagogue clergy have discussed the idea that performing mitzvot is a piece of our Jewish heritage. If we don’t help others, provide our community’s disadvantaged, ill or out-of-luck with some type of support, than who will?

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Cheryl Friedenberg co-founder