6/9 Beit Ha’arava St. Jerusalem 93389 Israel

Contact:  Elizabeth Corlin, Director of Educational Partnerships +972-54-432-5400

Shutaf, Inclusive Program for Children and Teens with Special Needs, is committed to inclusion-based programming that answers the social, educational and vocational needs of our community. We believe in camp for all, regardless of disability and financial limitations. Our program creates new opportunities for children and young adults of all religious backgrounds to come together, learning important Jewish values of acceptance and understanding.

Shutaf is a dynamic, energetic, young organization that inspires its participants, staff and donors alike. Our innovative and caring approach alleviates the pressing needs of children with special needs and their families, teaching socialization skills, Jewish values, acceptance and mutual respect. We actively seek ways to connect with communities in Israel and abroad in creative and mutually-satisfying ways.

At Shutaf, we prize the energy and ‘giving’ of our teen volunteers who have joined us in past activities. We’ve worked hard to encourage volunteerism in this age group because we feel it’s a good moment to get them thinking about inclusion, responsibility to others, the greater community and their professional future. They are also beginning to consider what it means to get involved and help affect social change – Shutaf wants to be part of that moment, of teaching them about inclusion, acceptance and tikkun olam.

There is a wide variety of volunteer opportunities at Shutaf. We’ve discussed various joint projects for bar/bat mitzvah children such as pairing with a Shutaf child of similar age – preparing mutual gifts, learning about each other through email. A few communities in the US have shown interest in sponsoring teen volunteers from their community to come to Shutaf to train and work in our camps. Please be in touch directly with our Volunteer Coordinator to discuss the best option for you.