Bringing Art Class to the HomeFront

Liza Peck, Volunteer Coordinator for, an organization dedicated to ending homelessness, was excited to send this story about a recent mitzvah project.

homefront nj 3Jared loves art and wanted to bring the joy of art to kids who may not be able to afford it on their own. He named his project heART for HomeFront. He had taken art classes with KidzArt franchise before and enjoyed it because they teach you how to draw (and other types of art) even if you feel insecure about it. He decided to write a letter to neighbors, friends and family to solicit donations to pay KidzArt to come to HomeFront.  He also was able to be a co-teacher at KidzArt.  Not only did he meet his goal of bringing art classes to homeless children, but he surpassed his fundraising goal, raising over $2400! The extra money will help with other programs and activities for the HomeFront camp.

homefront nj 2Jared’s Bar Mitzvah is June 6, 2015.homefront nj 1