Israel Lacrosse Association

Israel Lacrosse Association
10 Shalom Alechem, #9 Tel Aviv, Israel
Contact: Jacob Silberlicht, Program Director, 972-(0)2-567-7802,

Israel Lacrosse is committed to developing the sport of lacrosse in Israel, to raise funds for the continuing development of the sport of lacrosse in Israel, and to generally support, encourage, and promote the sport of lacrosse in Israel, by maximizing our resources, dedication and leadership.

We strive to provide programs and services that inspire participation while protecting and honoring the integrity of the game. We envision a future that offers people of all ages in Israel the opportunity to discover, learn, participate in, enjoy and ultimately embrace the shared passion of the lacrosse experience.

Israel Lacrosse is a strong believer in using the sport of lacrosse as a platform to connect Jews with Israel. Over 200 players, coaches, referees and volunteers have visited Israel in the last three years to directly contribute to the development of the sport in Ashkelon, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and other cities. Thousands of pounds of lightly-used equipment – sticks, gloves, helmets, goggles, even cleats – has been collected in the United States and shipped to Israeli youth who otherwise could not afford to play the game. Lifelong friendships have been forged through the shared passion of lacrosse.
The Israel Lacrosse Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project is the perfect opportunity for many to contribute, participate, and connect with Israel in their own way, with passion and purpose, while making a meaningful impact in the lives of Israeli youth through the grassroots development of the sport of lacrosse.

Conduct an equipment drive and collect sticks, helmets and goggles to donate to Israeli youth lacrosse players
• Help raise funds to rent fields, build lacrosse goals, and transport Israeli youth lacrosse players to their games
• Mentor an Israeli youth lacrosse player and send a pinnie from your local lacrosse program to them to wear at practice
• Volunteer to serve as a guest coach at a practice, or introduce the sport by running a beginners clinic at an Israeli school