Volunteering in the Middle East

Instead of hanging out with friends or going on vacation, Reed Lipman celebrated the end of 10th grade by flying all the way to the Middle East to volunteer with PPI. Reed’s work in supporting Peace Players International (PPI) is nothing new. Reed has been a great advocate for PPI – ME ever since he chose the organization for his Bar Mitzvah project. He even traveled to the Middle East several years ago to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah, catching an All-Stars practice with his family during their visit. Ever since, Reed and his family have launched annual grassroots charity tournaments to support and raise awareness about PPI.

reed middle eastThis week, Reed returned to the Middle East, accompanied by his father, Larry. Spending four days in the region, Reed made sure to attend a PPI activity every day. From assistant coaching a basketball practice in the Jewish town of Tal Shahar to lending a hand at a Kiryat Anavim-Ein Rafah Twinning, Reed gave his all on the court and with the kids. For the grand finale of his trip, Reed joined in on a game with the Leadership Development Program, playing basketball alongside Arab and Jewish youth his own age.

reed 2 middle eastThank you, Reed and Larry, for your continuous support of PPI – ME! We hope to see you back here soon!

To find out how you can support PPI similar to Reed, click HERE.


Reprinted, with permission, from Peace Players International. https://blog.peaceplayersintl.org/2014/06/12/volunteering-across-the-ocean/