Family-to-Family, Inc.
6 Circle Dr. Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706

Contact:  Pam Koner, 914-478-0756,

Family-to-Family, Inc. is a grassroots nonprofit 501(c)(3) hunger and poverty relief organization dedicated to providing food, personal hygiene products and other basic life essentials to American families struggling with the challenges of poverty.

By connecting donors one-to-one with specific families in need, Family-to-Family’s mission is to bring a large and seemingly intractable problem – poverty – into personal focus, making proactive, attainable results possible…one family at a time.

Our kid’s projects provide children with hands-on giving experiences, concrete forms of giving. These projects are intended to embed generosity of spirit and compassion into the fabric of our children’s lives. We hope through the “doing” children will learn that concern for others can be demonstrated through simple acts of kindness. We call this ‘living empathy’.

Kids-to-Kids—Kids are different from grown-ups. And we know that by being a kid, you have ideas and feelings that are unique to you. Sometimes the adults around you don’t quite see what you see.

Like… when you see someone suffering, you might want to offer your help, or when you hear about a natural disaster you wish there was something you could do. Here at Family-to-Family, we’ve come up with a number of different ways to help you help others, right here in the U.S.

1. Join The Birthday Giving Project
Put a birthday in a box! A way for kids with more to help kids with “less” have birthday celebrations.

2. Hold a Birthday Giving Party
Celebrate your birthday by giving to others.

3. Participate in Books For Life
Collect and send gently used books to where they are most needed.

4. Join Kids Can! or One Can at a Time!
Organize your school to adopt a local food pantry.

5. Start a Breakfast Club
Collect and deliver breakfast foods to a local food pantry.

6. Be a part of Seeds for Change
Gather and send packets of vegetable or fruit seeds to help families in need grow their own food.

7. All Dolled Up!
Repurpose your like-new dolls and their clothes for another child.

These programs are ideal for school, scouting or religious service projects. Email us at: with any questions–we are happy to help!