Innovation Africa

Innovation Africa
520 8th Avenue, 15th Floor New York, NY 10018

Contact:  Emma Goldman, Outreach Coordinator (646)472-5380,

Innovation: Africa is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that brings Israeli innovation to African villages. Founded in 2008, in five years Innovation Africa has provided light, clean water, food and proper medical care to more than 450,000 people in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda.

Bar/bat mitzvah students may start their own mitzvah campaigns, birthday campaigns, or iA chapters. They learn about the lack of resources many rural African villages face, and how they can help eradicate these problems. Focus is on clean water projects, solar powered projects, and bringing food and healthcare to these villages.
Across the globe, Bar and Bat Mitzvah kids have celebrated their big day by bringing Israeli innovation to an African village, and our team works closely with B’nai Mitzvah and their families to educate about Innovation: Africa’s work– the challenges facing rural African villages in the realms of energy poverty; access to clean water and education; and the solutions to be found in Israeli innovation– all while celebrating this important right of passage. Some families choose to donate a portion of their gifts, while others engage in fun educational and fundraising activities to teach their friends and family about Innovation: Africa.

Our custom fundraising pages are easy to use, and since 100% of all individual donations go directly to our projects on the ground, our Bnai Mitzvah and their community can see the impact of their gift through photos and stories from the field.

To learn more about our Mitzvah campaigns, please visit, or click here to visit one of current Mitzvah boys, Adiv’s custom fundraising page.

Beyond our individual fundraising campaigns, we have a variety of educational resources teaching kids about the importance of giving back and being part of a global community.