The Make It Count Project

micp 3The MICP is a unique concept in event entertainment…Party Philanthropy meaning we combine fun with charitable giving at events of all kinds.

micp 1Back in 2008, when planning for my second child’s Bat Mitzvah, I felt strongly about a few things;
1.) I wanted to create something that spoke specifically to the occasion of Marissa becoming an adult in the eyes of our community.
2.) Kids need an activity to harness their energy.
3.) Event entertainment should enhance the party, not steal the show.

Drawing upon my previous life incarnations (clothing manufacturing, art teacher, event planner), I came up with the idea that we would provide a useful craft project that the guests could make, with the intention of donating it to the charity of our choice. It had to be fast, clean, foolproof and useful.

Marissa and I decided that she could make stuffed animals to give to homeless, under-privileged and sick children. She hand-made 150 plush animals over the few months leading up to her Bat Mitzvah, then, at her party we set up a station where our guests helped stuff 50 more animals. Thus, THE MAKE IT COUNT PROJECT was born.

The Make It Count Project is a full service event vendor in the Los Angeles area. We also provide complete DIY kits across the country in packs of 12, 25 or 50 pieces. All kits come with detailed instructions, the project of your choice, supplies, party favor bracelets, tent cards with directions and a place to write in your benefitting charity, along with a tax deduction letter.

Everyone wins! The celebration is meaningful as befits the ceremony. The parent’s get a tax deduction from the donation, the Bar/Bat mitzvah child has a fun activity at their party, the guests give back to their community, the charity receives an “in-kind” donation, and the final beneficiary receives needed gifts created by individuals who care.

micp4Please take a look at the website: You can browse the variety of craft projects we carry, photos of many successful events, some of the amazing organizations we have benefitted and testimonials of past clients.

We make it easy. Now it’s your turn to make it count!