He C’s the Difference

C the difference Cory Cares Halloween for the HungryIn July of 2012, after seeing a documentary film about the hard times people were facing in communities near mine, I was inspired to start my Mitzvah Project. I spoke to the local food pantry and was shocked to learn that they serve over 150 families a month in my town. Learning that donations at the food pantry were low and the need was so high, I set out to raise $1200.00 to provide my local food pantry with $100 worth of food (the items they were most in need of) for one year.C the difference Cory Cares bracelet photo
I provide each donor with an orange ‘C the difference’ bracelet to wear proudly knowing they have helped “C the difference” we can all make in our communities. Thanks to the generous donations of family, friends and complete strangers, I quickly surpassed my $1200.00 goal and C the difference: Cory Cares will be able to provide food to local food pantries for many years to come.
My “little” mitzvah project is now a NY State 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with young volunteers (CHAMPIONS) shopping for the most needed items and stocking the shelves of food pantries across Long Island (New York) each month.

C the difference Cory Cares September 2014MISSION STATEMENT: C the difference: Cory Cares is dedicated to easing the hunger issues on Long Island by shopping for and stocking the shelves of food pantries, raising awareness of hunger issues and encouraging young people to make a difference in their communities by giving of themselves to better the lives of people who will never be able to thank them personally.

Submitted by Cory Nichols. www.cthedifference.org, corycares@gmail.com facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CTheDifferenceCoryCares