Starting a Collection

Many bar/bat mitzvah students are interested in working on a collection of goods as their mitzvah project. If you do not know where to begin, The Mitzvah Bowl has outlined 3 steps to get you started when collecting items for an organization:

20131030_1955391.  Identify what item/items the organization needs.
The more specific you are when making a request to friends/family about what you need for your collection, the more items you will receive.
2.  Put out a request to family, friends, your school, your community and to the media.
Local newspapers love doing stories about teenagers doing good deeds in their community. Don’t be shy about spreading the word about your collection through Rotary & Kiwanis clubs, your middle school Principal, and family and friends.  Design a facebook page to share with your contacts.  Ask via email, Instagram and Twitter. Contact retail stores for donations. Think about who has a large network and may help spread the word.
3.  Have a time limit on your campaign.
If your collection is open-ended, there is no urgency for people to donate right away. Specify a date you are delivering the items to the organization. This will prompt your network of family and friends to deliver the goods to you prior to your deadline.

Need ideas for a ‘collection’ mitzvah project?
Listed below are a couple of non-profits with recent collection needs:

Mitzvah Circle Foundation is in need of kids clothing, new newborn baby clothes, Baby wipes, baby supplies for our diaper bank and all toiletries.

The Colored Pencil Project supplies students in developing countries with art supplies, specifically colored pencils and paper.

Pitch in for Baseball collects new or gently used baseball equipment and distributes them to those who want to play but lack the resources to do so.

By Cheryl Friedenberg, President,