How Can The Mitzvah Bowl Help You? helps bar/bat mitzvah families AND 3 additional audiences. Here’s how we are dedicated to helping each of our client groupings:wwwthemitzvahbowlcomall about
1. Bar/Bat Mitzvah Families:
Offers a up-to-date database of thousands of meaningful mitzvah projects and ideas for Bar/Bat mitzvah students.
Over the past 2 months alone, we have helped over 2000 families. Just think how many families we have helped over the past 5 years! When a family contacts us directly with specific mitzvah project needs, we research their criteria and present them with alternatives.  Tell your friends and family all about what we do!
2. Synagogues:
Provide support for Jewish educators and families/students seeking bar/bat mitzvah projects.
We recently published a video specifically for synagogue bar/bat mitzvah family presentations. This resource may be found here. Additionally, a Mitzvah Project Resource Guide was distributed in September to the Philly, S. Jersey, Delaware and Lehigh Valley Markets. The Mitzvah Bowl flyers and pens have also been distributed.
Individual temples throughout the U.S.may contact us for their mitzvah project needs.
3. Organizations
Helps find dedicated teen supporters for specific causes.
By getting listed on our site as a potential mitzvah project, non-profit organizations throughout the world have been selected by bar/bat mitzvah students as their organization of choice. We offer blog features about specific mitzvah projects to showcase various organizations as well as a periodic feature in our newsletter. Keeping our organizations’ listings current is imperative to our database and users. If your listing
has outdated information, please contact us.
4. Vendors
Getting your name in front of potential clients—bar/bat mitzvah parents.
Banner ads on our website and an event-planning page help vendors spotlight their products or services. We also feature sponsored vendors on our blog to highlight their services.

Without these advertisers, The Mitzvah Bowl would not be in business.  We do not charge any fees to  bar/bat mitzvah families, synagogues or organizations for our services.

Feel free to spread the word about our site to bar/bat mitzvah party vendors including bakeries, invitations, venues, photographers & videographers, favors, decorators and party planners, photo booths, kippahs, security, caterers, etc.

If you would like to contact Cheryl Friedenberg, President of The Mitzvah Bowl, email

Our commitment to helping these 4 client groups is our #1 priority.