Acts of Kindness Reboot


We all have seen many blog, pinterest and news lists showing us the latest ‘good deeds’ or random acts of kindness (RAK) inspiration. Here is an updated compilation of select interesting and unique ways to help others with our reboot ideas:

  1. Rosa’s Pizza in Philadelphia, PA encourages their customers to pre-purchase a $1 slice of pizza for the homeless.   View this Video.

RAK (Random Act of Kindness) reboot: Prepay at any restaurant for the person behind you!

  1. From the Random Acts of Kindness website, an idea was listed to ‘complain less’. Think about how many times we complain in any given day.

RAK reboot: If someone complains to you, ignore the complaint and discuss the beautiful weather or complement them on how nice they look today.

  1. In the dog park, someone left this note with tennis balls:acts-of-kindness8

RAK reboot: Do the same in your local dog park!

  1. These high school seniors pranked their principal in a nice and profound way. Read more.

RAK reboot: Mimic their ‘prank’ with your coach or a special someone who deserves the love!

  1. February 17, 2015 was Random Acts of Kindness Day. A few ideas promoting that day are circulating around the globe. Try these.

RAK reboot: Promote your own Acts of Kindness Day to friends and family and see how good deeds, paying it forward and helping others can make it a very special day!