What’s Your Project?

Did you decide on a mitzvah project?  Are you starting to work on it?  What is it?

Themitzvahbowl.com wants to hear all about your mitzvah project from start to finish!  Fill us in on details (with your parents’ permission) such as:

Why did you choose this particular project or cause?
How much time goes into your project?What are you learning or how is this particular cause bringing meaning to your life?
Are you considering continuing your mitzvah project beyond your bar or bat mitzvah?  If so, why?
Send photos to info@themitzvahbowl.com (with your parents’ permission)
Highlight how this project impacts you or your family/friends.
How did you find this project?

We are looking forward to hearing all about your amazing and meaningful accomplishments!  We will use the hashtag #whatsyourproject when we publish them on our social media channels.