Caps of Love

South Florida
Contact:  Valerie Mathieu Founder/President (561) 876-5753

By recycling 2 different grades of plastic caps and lids, Caps of Love raises money to buy wheelchairs for disabled children.  We recycle polypropylene and polyethylene plastic caps.  They can be sold to companies using recycled ‘post-consumer’ plastic to create new products such as composite decking, janitorial supplies, shipping pallets, park benches, paint cans, automotive interiors and much more! This also has an environmental benefit as discarded caps are put into our landfills or incinerated.  If they are not recycled, there are harmful consequences to our planet.

Work is simple, done outdoors, ages 4-95 can participate.
For your mitzvah project, Caps of Love needs assistance in the sorting of the plastic to remove metal, paper liners, and debris before storing for shipping. This is time consuming and tedious but must be done properly to receive maximum value for our plastic at the recycling center.  Volunteers can attend any drop off session as posted on the “weekly drop off” tab. Just let me know in advance so we have the tables set up for you. Private sorting events for your club, group, family can be scheduled almost any week, given enough advance notice.