Sweet Dreams for Kids

2624 Quentin Ave South, St Louis Park, Minnesota 55416
Contact:  Wendy Berezovsky (952) 926-1818 wendy@sweetdreamsforkids.org

Sweet Dreams for Kids is a nonprofit organization that donates new pajamas to kids in the hospital. We started Sweet Dreams for Kids after our youngest child, Chaya Dalya, who is now 10, was born with cancer. She is our walking miracle and inspires people every single day. We feel cute, cozy, and comfortable pajamas help take the “ICK” out of being SICK. We want to bring smiles to kids in the hospital, and bring a little feeling of home when they have to be in the hospital. We know it does not take away any of the worries when a child is sick, but we hope it brings a little piece of comfort to the child and the family. We have donated over 10,000 pairs of new pajamas to many Children’s hospitals in Minnesota and nationwide. Our dream is for every single Children’s hospital to be filled with new, bright, and fun pajamas instead of hospital ones.

There are many ways to volunteer. Teens can make their own pj type party and have friends bring new pj’s. You may have a bake sale and raise money to donate to our organization.  Getting the word out about Sweet Dreams for Kids is very important. The more people that know about us, the more kids we can help. Calling schools and businesses in various areas is always a big help which volunteers can do. There are so many other volunteer opportunities.  Please inquire about how you may help.