Nahtan’s Baton Mitzvah Relay


Nathan has an upcoming bar mitzvah this Fall and came up with a unique approach to his mitzvah project.  He wants to start a Nahtan’s Baton Mitzvah Relay.   Do a good deed, post it to his Facebook or Instagram page, nominate others to perform acts of kindness and they pass the virtual baton in his online relay race.

Here is the first post for the Nahtan’s Baton Mitzvah Relay:
Selah needed our help!  She was a half-blind Pomeranian whose owner had to move to an elder-care facility.  We fostered her until a family could adopt her!  The whole experience made me feel so good inside.  Feel the same way, run your leg of my NahtanBaton Mitzvah Relay and pass the baton in honor of my Bar Mitzvah!
Continue his vision by posting your leg in Nathan’s mitzvah relay!  Use the hashtag #nahtanbaton