Technology and Tzedakah

One of the most popular trends in bar and bat mitzvah preparation is the Tzedakah project. It’s an idea that has become an unofficial requirement in many communities. And it’s a great model because it teaches kids that becoming a Jewish adult means thinking about others and taking on responsibility for those less fortunate. Tzedakah might be a Jewish obligation but learning to step up to the plate and make a difference is a valuable choice.

Many Jewish parents want their children to forge a relationship with Israel. Ten Gav offers a unique opportunity that allows a child to connect in a very personal way during this time of personal growth. Ten Gav ( is an Israel based initiative that  brings social media technology and Tzedakah initiatives together in a seamless and extremely “current” fashion. By way of crowdfunding, Ten Gav raises modest amounts of money to fund the specific needs of real people. Whether it is dental care, a laptop, or camp tuition, every story has been submitted by an Israeli social worker and 100% of the money goes directly to the recipients.

Here’s how the Ten Gav Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tzedakah Project works.

  • Design your personal Tzedakah project page (with pics and videos) with Ten Gav. You receive your own URL
  • Include the URL in your invitation and ask your friends and family to give to Ten Gav in your honor
  • After your party, sit with your parents and read the Ten Gav stories
  • Choose those stories that you want to support. You’ve made a real difference! Kol haKavod.
    The project allows every child to make a significant, immediate contribution to an Israeli family in need. Parents have been pleasantly surprised to see how seriously their children deliberated over which family to help. Recently Ten Gav received an email from a bar mitzvah boy which said, “I got a lot of presents. Now I want to give a present to someone in Israel.”

Our last Bat Mitzvah girl funded a stove for Zelda an elderly woman, an English course to assist a young adult complete her course requirements for her B.A., the purchase of gel manicure business equipment for Hila of Jerusalem and a closet for Dorit of Netanya. Consider the meaningful experience the girl’s family enjoyed reviewing the current stories and choosing how to apply her Bat Mitzvah money.
So, if you are looking to add a meaningful component to your son or daughter’s upcoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah, you would you like to see your family involved in a project focused on Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) that you can share with family and friends, and you would you like to strengthen your child’s ties with Israel and the Jewish people, then the Ten Gav Bar and Bat Mitzvah Tzedakah Project will appeal to you. Your teenager probably has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, Tumblr account as well as numerous other social media accounts and he or she is sure to appreciate the opportunity to bring social media technology and a Tzedakah initiative together in a seamless, fun and extremely “current” fashion.

Naomi Brounstein TenGavNaomi Brounstein is one of Ten Gav’s co-founder who was first trained as a lawyer in Toronto and then completed a master’s in social work at Tel Aviv University which was helpful to ensure her smooth transition into a professional career in the Israeli volunteer sector. She believes that crowdfunding is a viable and meaningful way of giving.

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Blog submitted for by Naomi Brounstein of Ten Gav.
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