Simple Hanukkah Giving Ideas

Are you thinking of making your family’s Hanukkah gift exchange an exercise in giving back too?
We’ve come up with a couple of creative ways to give back to others:1.  For your polyanna exchange, find out what your local Jewish Family Services needs in the way of Hanukkah presents for their clients.  Instead of (or in addition to) picking names of family members for gift exchanges, choose toys/clothing articles needed by area children.  One family member should be the point person to deliver the items to the Jewish Family Services local office.

2.  Make latkes and sufganiyot to deliver to a local Jewish assisted living facility.  Coordinate your delivery with a volunteer coordinator and make it a family outing.  The residents will be thrilled to spend time with your family!

3.  Have menorahs or dreidels which are ‘extras’ that you don’t use?  Donate them to a Jewish family in need. Ask your synagogue director for organization suggestions or contact Israeli non-profits.

Any unique ideas you would like to share with us about giving back for Hanukkah?
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