5 Tools Everyone With a Mitzvah Project Should Be Using

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It’s the new year and time to get your plans in gear for the upcoming bar/bat mitzvah celebration.  The lessons have started, the d’var torah is in it’s infancy and you are thinking about your child’s mitzvah project.
Where should your child start searching for a mitzvah project?  Who do I call?  Can the Rabbi or Cantor point us in the right direction?  How much time does my child need to dedicate to this project?  How will we ever get everything done in time?

There is no need to stress about the mitzvah project.  We have already done the homework for you and all you need to do is to go through this checklist of online resources, starting with:Repair The World

  1. TheMitzvahBowl.com
    Of course your #1 place to find mitzvah projects on the web is our namesake!  We started compiling a comprehensive database of mitzvah projects nationwide over 5 years ago.  They are categorized by your child’s interests so they may search both geographically and by what they like to do in their spare time.  Also take a look at our More Ideas page and Blog to be inspired by others and view hundreds of choices.
  2. MitzvahMarket.com
    You will find additional mitzvah project ideas on Mitzvah Market here, however their most unique projects are featured on Mitzvah Project Spotlights.  This is where you’ll see enticing titles such as Top Mitzvah Projects of 2015 and A Mitzvah Project Collecting Bar Mitzvah Sweatshirts.  If you live in the NJ/NY area, check out Mitzvah Market’s upcoming Celebrate Party Showcases for even more mitzvah project and planning ideas.
  3. Google Search
    Want to find an animal-related mitzvah project in your area?  Do a Google Search for animals and the name of your town or county.  The more specific your Google search description is, the better chances of finding a volunteer opportunity meeting your child’s needs.  Don’t forget to research the age range of volunteers for a specific organization as many mitzvah project opportunities only accept older teens and adults.
  4. Pinterest
    Are you using Pinterest boards for your mitzvah celebration planning?  Did you know there are plenty of mitzvah projects listed on Pinterest as well?  Search pinterest boards and you will find many other parents pinning their child’s potential community service project in addition to their favorite placecard and theme ideas.
  5. Facebook
    Facebook.com is the perfect forum for getting input from friends, acquaintances and others on just about any topic.  Why not use it as a sounding board for your child’s bar/bat mitzvah project?  Ask in a broad manner in order to get the best responses; ie..’Bar/bat mitzvah project ideas please?’ OR ‘What was your favorite mitzvah project?’

    Finally, another perfect resource is right at your fingertips, a discussion with the Rabbi, Cantor or Jewish Educator.  They are familiar with your child and can make a good recommendation of organizations which match your child’s interests.

Cheryl Friedenberg, President, The Mitzvah Bowl LLC
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