The Art of the Mitzvah

Lauren 1

As becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a meaningful time in your life, your mitzvah project should be a reflection of that. Showing your community how you will grow to support it as an adult through your interests and passions.

For creative teens, having an artful Mitzvah Project has just gotten easier. Now you can create meaningful change in your community or the world-at-large through art.

Take Lauren, for example…the goal of her mitzvah project was to combine her art passion and create a lasting impact on children’s lives. For her cause, Lauren chose a residential program serving 73 severely disabled children. For her project, Lauren chose Walls that Unite to help her create a tile wall mural that would be installed in the children’s facility recreation room.

Lauren's Installation

During her Bat Mitzvah celebration, all of the kids gathered around the art table and started creating. Some drew pictures while others cut and pasted images creating a collage. When the art was completed, the Walls that Unite team transferred the artworks onto ceramic tiles, then framed and hung them in the residential facility.  The art serves as a reminder to the children and staff of the facility that their community supports and cares about them. Lauren’s goal had clearly been reached!

group project
If you have a passion for art, creating a tile wall mural like Lauren did is a great way to show your lasting support to your favorite cause.

We’d love to help you get creative while you create change!

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