Our Closet

Our Closet
2100 Arch Street 5th Floor
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

Contact:  Andrea Johnston, Program Coordinator (267) 256-2179 andrea@ourclosetpa.org

Our Closet is a volunteer-driven organization that provides clothing to vulnerable Philadelphians and their families free of charge by operating “pop-up shops” throughout the city. We offer community members who are struggling to make ends meet the opportunity to receive free, quality clothing in the “pop-up shop” in a dignified and welcoming space. Our goal is to meet a basic need for our shoppers so they can better focus on handling other stressors in their lives, such as securing a steady source of income or finding permanent housing solutions, with confidence.

We have several opportunities to volunteer and are open to any other ideas you may have!

1.  Sorting at the Warehouse — We receive clothing donations weekly that need to be sorted before we can take them out to our store. We can work with you to establish either one day of service, or a series of days, to come out to our Springfield warehouse and sort clothing. Typically, sorting clothing takes about 2-3 hours, and we can work around your schedule to determine the best time to come out.
2.  Running the Pop-Up— we have weekly pop-ups and need volunteers to come out and help run the store, as sales associates from 9am-1pm. We typically need about 5-6 volunteers during each pop-up.
3.  Clothing Drive/Sorting — We have worked with individuals and groups to set up clothing drives, which culminate in the groups sorting the clothing they collect over a period of time they define. This is a more ongoing service opportunity, but could end with a sorting day at our warehouse. We have specific materials to help with that sort of project, if you are interested.