What a mitzvah project…and she’s 74!

While I’m not in the age bracket of 12-14 years old, I do have a mitzvah that I’m trying to do and need help.  I am 74 years of age and I’m collecting pull-top tabs from soda, beer, soup, vegetables, and pet food cans (any type of tab). There were 6,000,000 Jews murdered during the holocaust and of that number 1,500,000 were children.  I would like to collect 1.5M tabs to have a visual to remember the children at a memorial service. I live in Roanoke, VA, but Roanoke, and surrounding areas, is a small city of 280,000 and we could use help in collecting these tabs.  At this time I have about 350,000 tabs but need so many more.  Tabs have come in from CA, IN, NC, and GA.   I might add that I got this idea after seeing the documentary, “Paper Clips”.  This was about a school in TN that was studying the holocaust and decided to collect 6M paper clips.

There is no deadline for collecting as I will continue until I reach my goal. When all is said and done, the tabs will go to the Ronald McDonald House to help with their fundraising efforts.  Ronald McDonald House provides free lodging to parents that have sick children in the hospital.  Many times families live a great distance from the hospital and going back and forth can become expensive so the RMH is a great organization and provides a much needed service.  They also have volunteers that come in and cook occasionally for the families.  Laundry facilities and use of the kitchen is also available.

So, you see that the tabs continue to “give” to those that need.

TEMPLE EMANUEL, Roanoke, VA is collecting pull-up tabs for a future HOLOCAUST PRESENTATION.  Our goal is 1,500,000 tabs to honor the memory of the 1.5 million Jewish children murdered during the Holocaust. Tabs of any size, any color, any material are acceptable.  You can find tabs on soda, beer, soup, vegetable, fruit, dog/cat food cans and many other items.  After the presentation, all tabs will be donated to The Ronald McDonald House for their fundraising efforts.  Whether it is ten tabs or 100 tabs, WE APPRECIATE YOUR PARTICIPATION.


Project Contact:  Shirley McNeil  – mcneil4242@yahoo.com

Temple Emanuel
Attention:  Shirley McNeil
1163 Persinger Road
Roanoke, Virginia  24015

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